Let's Get Healthy!

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on May 21,2019

Step1 : Let's Exercise and get the Motor Running

Let's get down to the basics.  Excercise is one of the most fundamental initiatives you can do to get into better shape.  We all get up everyday and go to work or school and walk all day.  This is excercise 101,   Is it enough?  it's a start but you can do better.  The world has marketed on electronic devices to no track our activity all day, but do we go beyond the everyday activities that you normally do?   Do you dedicate a specific time to do more intense cardiovascular activity?  Take 15-30 minutes a day, and either workout at home with running in place, jumping jacks, push-ups, and sit-ups.  It will make a difference.  Or build a visit to the gym as part of your routine.   Excercising will allow you to eat more with less worrying.  which brings us to Step 2.  

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Step2: Eating Healthy

There are people who eat an extremely healthy.  Probably more than you can ever imagine doing.  It does not have to be that extreme.  Here is good advice as the old cliche goes 'Everything in moderation' .  Let's try to cut down, not eliminate,  on fried food, fast foods, and sweet snacks.  Drink more water than soda and cut down on alcohol.   Limit the snacks in between meals.   This step is usually the hardest for people since eating is at times viewed as part of a social gathering.   The best thing to do is to plan your meals.  Every week try to write down a guide or a daily list of meals and snacks you are going to have.  This can eliminate the impulse to eat something you dont want to.   So we have excercising and eating healthy.. what's next. 

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Step 3: Get Your Sleep

Life is stressfull and busy.  Everyone feel they need to fit more into a day than possible.  At this point your compromising your sleep.  It's common sense, sleep refuels your body to function the next day.  Ever hear someone say 'All I need is 5 hours and I'm good'.   They might seem ok, but trust me, this usually comes with high octane coffee to get them going throughout the day.   So how do you manage.  Simplify your life.  Get your sleep so your body can work the way it should.   

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Step 4: Limit the Stress

So where does stress come from.  The answer is different for everyone. It can be financial, relationships, busy schefule, parenting and work to name a few.  This step can be very difficult to manage but directly affects your health and must be addressed.  But how?  Easier said then done, there is no magic potion.  A few words of advice, we are all on this earth a very short time, be happy and put things into perspective.  Don't stress on the little things and really try hard to manage and schedule the bigger things.  Talk things out with a friend or a loved one.. get it off your chest.   So this leaves us with Step 5. 

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Step 5: See your Physician

All the previous steps can work out great for you.  But you need to see your physician when something does not seem right and at least annually for checkup.  It might seem like an upleasant visit that we try to avoid, and why go I feel fine.  Look at this as paying your taxes every yearm getting your car an oil change to get the engine running smoothly.  And someimes a visit can save your life when they find something you may not be able to detect.   With all these steps you have a better chance of a healthy life..  So go live life and be happy! 

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